Washington Representation

Gibbons & Company develops and implements government relations strategies to solve problems, create opportunities and to achieve your business objectives. The firm advises clients of emerging political and public policy trends so that they can make more effective business decisions and capitalize on new opportunities and challenges.

Gibbons & Company is actively engaged in shaping public policies that can affect your business. The firm provides clients with a full range of results-orientated government relations services and public policy solutions to high-stakes challenges. We provide:

  • Strategic planning to help clients more sharply define commercial opportunities, navigate through political obstacles, and develop win-win partnerships for business and government by forging solutions to problems grounded upon the common interests of both;
  • Direct advocacy before the U.S Congress, The White House, and federal departments and agencies;
  • Integration of targeted public relations, advertising strategies;
  • Communications – coalition building and grassroots;
  • Early engagement on emerging public policies and legislation that could develop opportunities to maximize business revenues and enhance competitive market advantages.