Our Expertise and Services

The federal government makes policy decisions every day that can affect the future of your business. If left unaddressed, these policies could lead to significant economic loss, reduced competitiveness, or unnecessarily burdensome regulation.

Congress and federal agencies routinely make changes in the tax code that could provide incentives or become a detriment to your business. Also, the executive branch budgets and the congress appropriates billions of dollars each year for specific projects and programs that could benefit or adversely affect your market position.

To ensure that your interests are accommodated; it is very important to be properly engaged and to effectively participate in the Washington political and policymaking process.

Gibbons & Company is well positioned to effect changes in public policy and provide:

  • Proactive engagement of your business in the federal government policy decision making process;
  • Action-driven strategies that enhance revenues, cut costs and provide your business with competitive marketplace advantages;
  • Direct lobbying to the right government policymakers; and the
  • Competitive edge in achieving the best possible results for your business objectives.